Monday, August 20, 2007

Getting Bigger & Bigger

How appropriate is the picture above? We just went to another appt for baby today and as usual he is still gaining more and more weight. I'm sure I will pop like a balloon before he makes it out. They let us know that he is in th 78% for his "age". Talk about a big boy. At 33 weeks we already have a 5lb 6oz little one. He will surely be the Football player his daddy has been praying for. On it showed this picture as the size a baby his weight is to be. Other fun news is that he has a full head of hair. It is crazy what you can see on ultrasounds these day. More updates will come but the biggest news right now is his crazy growth.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Uncle Reed Feels the Need for Speed!

Ok so as soon as I posted the last blog Ashlyn decided to try it again. Of course having such a great uncle, Reed decided to step in and show them how much fun they could really have. Uncle Reed working up a sweat, pushing the girls around!

Grease Lightning

This morning I woke up to screaming, giggling girls and wondered what was going on. Ashlyn had already dressed herself in the princess dress of choice for the day and they were using the block box to drag race across the floor. As each one of them took turns toting around the other they began to get a little braver and tried going faster then the time before. Our greasy haired little girls were having there first taste of speed. It was so fun to capture their little faces raging with hysteria!