Sunday, October 28, 2007

Favorite Spot

Christian's favorite place at the end of the day is perched up on Aunt Kamarie's shoulder. He is just so content with her...she is a seasoned pro. I have bets on when we will see little Reeds & Kamaries running around.


Well as grateful as I am that my two girls are artistic this is not one of the happier moments, but one of the cutest. I can not believe that they colored all over their craft table but when Ashlyn so proudly showed me her "beautiful princess" I could not help but share this darling picture!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mr. Mellow

Some days I dont know what to do about this baby! He is so chill! My two little girls were Lil' Miss Drama the day they came out. This little guy is so content. This is a picture of him just kickin' it in the sun on the sofa. I love his "I just ate the biggest thanksgiving dinner" look.


Ok, so I promised Stewart that I would post the Havasupai pictures, but since the baby has come as every parent knows, you work on getting a routine for a while, so we are using a picture from one of Stewy's buddies. Thanks Jeremy for sending these over for me to see! It looked like tons of fun! These are the guys and hopefully you can see the hilarious "facial growth" that was mandatory for this trip. You gotta love Tyler's! (its my favorite, I was hoping Margot would let him do it! ;) ) Oh by the way, this was taken after a quick dip swimming in one of the gorgeous "natural pools."

Thursday, October 11, 2007

After the rough weeks we have had with Christian's jaundice it finally seems as though he is doing better. He is finally keeping his eyes open longer than and hour a day. He still struggles with the light at times but is more than happy to open them up and look at the new world he is in.

True Love

Everyone has been asking how the girls have been with Christian, here is a taste of how it really is. The girls have been so loving and nurturing. Ashlyn feels very close to him, as you can tell and Ryleigh is very protective of him. Honestly we have been so blessed this year and it feels so good to have a little piece of heaven with us.