Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A letter to my Children

This is one of the posts I knew I would write and I knew would be hard to begin, but throughout the month of May my mind always turns to my childhood, my teenage years, my early married life and I often think about the pivotal moments that have molded me to where I am today. I have always wanted to write a letter to my children about the importance of making the most out of each day, something that even still I struggle with, knowing that every moment we choose to pass the day without being grateful for the little things that we will have wasted a precious moment that we can never regain. In saying all of that I need to write today about the day I realized this truth.
To My Sweet Children,
I woke up May 20, 2002 feeling full of happiness feeling like I could conquer the trials I felt I had and ready to face a new day with what seemed to be more energy and vigor. My heart was full for a good portion of the morning and I found myself excited to meet and help the new people in my ever changing client base at the job I was working. Then as intensely as my exciting strength came on a cold anxious feeling came over me. Something did not feel right. I was nervous, my mind was racing and it would not stop to ponder the reason for the feelings I was getting. I felt I needed to call my family. I called the house and an unfamiliar voice answered, strangely I hung up. But again, I felt I needed to call. The same voice answered this time and I realized it was a cousin. Asking why she was there she calmly told me that a terrible accident had occurred and that my Dad was hurt badly. At first I thought he will be ok he will pull through and again the spirit told me what I was to do. As soon as I was off the phone I made immediate arrangements to fly home to Arizona. As we arrived in Phoenix a wonderful family member picked us up and rushed us to the hospital, just in time to sit down with the doctor to learn that my dad would not make it. As he was saying this I was feeling that rush of memories that you always hear about and wonder if you will ever experience. I did not have any children at the time and I asked in prayer how my children would ever know a man I admired and hoped I would be like some day. Again the knowledge came to me, to teach through stories of him, be an example of his love. At that moment I recognized the Savior's love for me. How he suffered for me so that I could be strong in a time like this. I miss my father still and still weep to think that he can not share all the sweet moments our family will have here in this life. I feel his presence in our home and in our lives. I know he loves us and I know he watches over you. He was a kind and gentle man. He was simple and was thankful for everything in his life. He loved everyone and willingly gave service to those around him. He never spoke badly of anyone even those who had wronged him in the past. He was loved by a community of people and his legacy still thrives there as one of honor and commitment to life. He talked often of his love for you even though he had not met you yet. He loved Me and he loved your Dad. He was a good father and took the time to talk with me about my dreams and my goals. He treated me as an equal and raised me with love and respect for anyone I met. Most important he knew his Savior, he followed his example and he was committed to that knowledge. Happy Heaven Day sweet babies. May you look forward to the day you meet your grandpa face to face. I pray you enjoy each day and that you may be able to look back on the memories of your life as if they were yesterday and know with a surety that you did all you could do through out your life.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

I know Mother's Day is over, but I wanted all the women in my life to know I thought about them and am grateful for their examples. I had this great idea yesterday to take around poppy seed muffins to all the ladies that I love here in my area and well out of the whole batch I had a few mini muffins turn out. I was busy working on these cute origami boxes and spaced the muffins I had put in the oven. Leave it to me to put tons of time into the details and forget about the most important part...the MUFFIN! Well, by the time I was able to get around to everyone, of course they were all with their mothers or doing something as a family, so here is a digital muffin for all of you whom I didn't get to see! Thank you again and ladies...here's to another great year!

Bachelor #1 Come on Down

When Grandma & Grandpa came home we took pictures of everyone and I was just taking random photos, well when i saw this one, I had to laugh. Doesn't this look like some cheesy online dating service type photo. So I thought, Hey! why dont I post it on my blog and see if we can get this guy a wife! For those of you who dont know who this stud muffin is, its my brother Tommy. He just came home from his mission in December and is single and available. Haha, sorry I just had to do it Tom.

Great Grandma Sue & Great Grandpa Dale

Grandma Sue & Grandpa Dale finally made it home after their second mission serving in Nauvoo. I am so glad they made it home safe. It was a short mission but we all missed them. They were able to come visit all of us here in the valley so we had a little pizza get together so they could see the new babies. Of course we had to take pictures to commemorate the event. If you know our family it was very hard to get a serious picture so these are the best of the bunch...and a few ridiculous ones too! We love you and are so happy to have you home.