Tuesday, April 29, 2008


That's it! My boy is officially getting too big. I am in complete denial that he is growing everyday. To top my misery off, he has broken through his first tooth. How is this possible? He has been the first to crawl, first to sit, first to...everything and he is adding this to the list. DEVASTATION. How do you get over the harsh reality of growth. I am just about ready to make my millions in developing the stop time potion! I will let you all know when I have it up on the market. Stay little baby boy! (pictures to follow...when you can see it in his smile)

Sweet Treat

Ryleigh has been learning new tricks everyday, partly because big sister has mastered them and is introducing them to her little sister. I had to however, get the next stunt in some pictures. It was just too "sweet" to miss.

Sleeping Baby Boy

One of my most treasured moments with my children have been watching them sleep. I want to keep that memory with me forever. I have felt that with the birth of this little one that the nights and days seem to go so much quicker. I am finding myself longing for more time with my kids and recognizing that another day passes more quickly then the day before. If I can only keep a few memories in my heart and mind of their peaceful slumber, then maybe I can keep them little a little longer. These are the many positions of our sweet Christian Boy.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Nemo On Ice

Date with Grandma & Grandpa

My Mom & Fred scheduled to take the girlies to Nemo on Ice this past weekend. The girls had so much fun, they have talked about it for the whole week. It was a really special time for them, getting to go on a fun date with Grandma & Grandpa! We just wanted to say thank you for our date too! They had a great time & so did we...hehe!

Sweet Spontaneous Stewy

The other day I heard the girls squealing for joy when their Daddy came home, I figured it was the typical day full of excitement when Stewart comes home. Then I hear, "Daddy they're beautiful". Then I questioned what she was talking about so I came out to find a sweet bouquet of flowers. When I asked him why he had brought them home, he answered "Just because I thought I would be spontaneous!" Seriously Stew, you are too sweet! The girls of course thought they were all of ours so we took a picture for the blog. Thanks again honey it was so nice to have fresh flowers in the house that week. I love you!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Apprentice Photographer

Ashlyn is constantly taking pictures around the house and I promised I would put some of them on the blog. She loves taking pictures with Jenny and comes home and pretends she is a photographer. I hope one day her love of it turns into a hobby or career. She is actually getting quite good. She will say don't move I don't want to cut you off. She has quite the eye!


Self Portrait


Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love!

Uncle Tommy came over the other day and was playing with Christian, you know a guy just knows a good hat when he sees one. This baby reached up for Tommy's hat so, naturally he let him wear it. Christian is just prepping himself for the ladies. Watch out for the newest Stud Muffin!

The Zoo

Life at the Zoo!

This past weekend Jeremy and Meg decided to come down for some much needed Rest & Relaxation. Seriously we played all weekend, by the time Sunday rolled around my body was in recovery mode. Hahaha. While they were here we were able to take the kids to the Phoenix Zoo, can you say slammed! I have never seen the Zoo so crazy. Once we got through the "mini zoo" of school field trippers we were able to get down to business and have ourselves a great day. It was fun to see all the kids get excited about the different animals and get restless with the ones they couldn't find. I love it when they all come up with their own versions of animal sounds! We had a great time guys and look forward to more exciting adventures!

FHE & The Earth

A couple of Family Home Evenings ago I gave a lesson on the creation of the earth and Stew decided it would be fun to get onto google earth and have a look around. The girls loved it! Ashlyn was so excited to go to the North Pole & try and see Santa...too funny..but we did find his workshops way down deep at the South Pole. Hahaha. Anyhow, super cute sotry short, I found Ashlyn and Ryleigh on our computer the other day having another look, this time they were trying to find "Hot Lava" in some of the worlds Volcanoes. These girls are getting to be crazy smart. That little thing clicked right on the icon and started scrolling the world. Her Daddy and I hadnt been able to find any volcanoes and she did, who knew. These babies are truly smarter than we all think!

Nap Time

Who doesn't love a baby right after they have woken up from a much needed sleep. I can not say enough good about this baby, he is heaven sent! He wakes up talking and cooing, not yelping or screaming and his adorable hairdo....oooh I cant get enough! He was just too sweet not to get a few pictures off. Just another reason I love this boy!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sick again!

Where have you been? Ok it all started when Stewart went to the doctor after a few days of being very sick and found out that he had pneumonia. I worked really hard at not getting any of the rest of us sick and just as Stew was getting better we all got sick. Yesterday was the worst for me, however, I don't think I have had a temperature this high since I have been married. It got up to 104.5, I called Stewart to whine a little and he said honey you shouldn't be functional with a fever that high. Hahahaha....hahaha. Ok I wasn't! But what mom can just lay back and pretend the 3 crying children aren't there. My hubby consoled me and I felt a little better. Well, this post is mostly to thank Reed & Kamarie for bringing dinner over that night. Stewart works so late and there was no way I could do dinner. So it looked like cereal again for the 3rd time in a row that day, but luckily they brought over some yummy spaghetti. SO thanks again guys. I am feeling a ton better and I really needed that! Love Ya! By the way, I am going on a complete immune system boost diet I think. I am done with this family being sick so many times this year. I'll let you know how it goes. GSE here we come!

Easter Pictures