Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Things that make you go HMMM?

Well from everything that has gone on this year I just keep wanting to get back to basics, to remember when life wasn't so complicated. I go back to my funny high school years when life was trivial and enjoy the sweet memories of my first years with Stewart. All of the learning and growing that we made a part of our everyday routine. Stew and I were laughing at those days and we always go back to the funny songs that some how connect us even though we didnt experience them together. It is always a new chapter that we open up everytime we hear one of our "oldies". Its the way we relive and show each other our past and learn about what made us, us! I am so thankful for my mishap dancing partner with two left feet and his facial expressions as he watches me get down with the get down all by myself! Love ya babe here's to sweatin' to the oldies!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Ok I have been really awful at updating my blog, this shouldnt be a surprise as I have never been good at keeping a journal. Anyhow, I just wanted everyone to know we are still alive and kicking. We celebrated Christian's First Birthday and Stewy's 31st Birthday. I will post pictures soon. Life has just been crazzzzyyy! Stewart is loving his job at the PT Clinic and is super busy with his last and final class for his exercise and wellness degree at ASU. I have started my card business thank you to the miracle of friends (shanon & summer I love you both). I also just started working with Glitz Design a new scrapbook company that is based out of good ole' AZ. I was hired as their Sales Exec and Graphic Designer! Yay! But all of that on top of three kids, one in kindergarten, one in preschool, one now walking. WE have no time to breath! Whew. Just an update for ya! We hope you are all well and have a very happy halloween. Ps just a little card plug. ok I know its long just click on the link;) and send people my way! I'll will have a website soon!