Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Who's Ya Daddy?

Well if this little man doesn't look like his Daddy I don't know who would. Christian has been smiling and meaning to smile this past weekend. While he was having a little smiling contest with me I grabbed my camera to try and get some shots...of course by the time I got back to get a picture he was done. In the meantime I got this picture and holy cow does he look like his daddy. Stew's brother has one that is the spitting image of him and well I guess it was Stewart's turn. Ooh gotta love it! At least we know he will be cute when he grows up! (Not that he isn't darling already...but hey I'm the biased mama)!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Crackers for Breakfast???

This morning Miss Ryleigh kept coming in, way too early, to get us up for breakfast. After the third attempt to get us out of bed she gave up. Stew and I both thought she went back to bed, but after a few minutes went by we heard the rustling of something plastic, so of course any parent would jump up to see what was going on. To our surprise Ryleigh had gotten in the pantry and decided to help herself to a little breakfast...poor starving baby! She sure was happy though!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Halloween Finally!

After many many comments that life must be hectic with the now three children, because I hadn't been posting as often as I used to, hehehe, I am finally sitting down and writing about some of the past events. Well, as every parent knows if you get the outfit just right Halloween will be a huge success, and thank goodness it was! After many hours of preparation of costumes and hair and makeup we had the perfect "Elina Rainbow & Island Princess". It was a lot of fun to see how much they got into Halloween this year with them having aged a year. Even little Christian got into the festivities, but got a little worn out with all the high pitched fairy excitement.