Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mommy's Little Helper

I know the picture above looks like I am running a little sweat shop, but I promise this is a sweet story. So, my little lovey Ashlyn saw that I was getting ready to embellish the Baby Shower Cards for her Aunt Shara's Shower. She wanted to help so I allowed her to thread the ribbon through the holes I had previously punched. I figured she would bring it back to me in frustration, but she asked for another. By the time she had threaded 5 cards she brought one back with the knot I had been tying on them. But, her's was better then mine. I thought for sure it had to be a fluke. Nope! She tied and knotted 3/4 of the cards. They are beautiful. Thank you so much to my sweet Ashy. You are getting so big and I enjoyed the time that we were able to spend working on such a fun project together.

5 months

Why is it that being on bed rest for 5 months seems like an eternity, but little christian boy's 5 months of life have flown by. I honestly can hardly remember what his first month was like. He has brought so much joy and love into our home. He is such a constant reminder of how beautiful our worth is. He is tender and patient and good. How can such a tiny person evoke so many qualities that I wished I possessed. He has grown so much and reminds me every day that I need to work hard to stay on course, so that I might be able to raise my children correctly. His innocence and spirit push me to do better. I know these months and years ahead will come much too quickly and I hope he always knows of my deep love and respect for his perfect little soul. My son, my miracle, you have given me so much more than I ever thought I needed. Who was I kidding. We knew you were to be in our family and you have now changed us forever!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hiking Superstition Mountain

On Saturday we decided to take the kids hiking. It was a gorgeous day, the perfect temperature to take advantage of the outdoors. So, we decided to drive to the superstition mountains and go hit a trail. The girls loved it. They were so sweet helping each other and getting excited together about all the amazing things we saw. They talked to everyone on the trail. Once we got to the top they were just so excited at how far we had gotten. We hope that this will be one of many "adventures" we get to go on with our little family.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What is the meaning of Love

It has been a while since I have written anything and I was beginning to think that nothing wonderful would happen for me to post, but my mind kept filling with thoughts on how special this month really is, so I thought I would just write them down.

Of course, Valentines Day is coming up and I am always reminded of my first Valentines with Stewart. We didn’t have any money and he was playing ball for the Y and coming home later in the evening so, I planned a wonderful spaghetti dinner for two with candle light and all...haha. I moved the table that sat in our hallway of a kitchen into the front room and there we sat across the table from one another (it was a 2' deep table and was 4' about intimate).

He had brought me home some sweet...wait these smell disgusting...he was so horrified, literally the roses smelled like stinky feet. They must have been moldy or something, poor guy he went to a really nice florist in Provo and they gave him sour roses. I didn’t care though, I was so happy to be sitting with him and felt so much love for him. I will never forget it.

February was also the month that we lost our first baby. She was long awaited and such a miracle to begin with. The pregnancy had been strange from the beginning and we were looking so forward to her arrival. Unfortunately she had been diagnosed with a life threatening disease and she died before I had the chance to give birth to her. We love her and think of her often and are so grateful for her and for the spirit she keeps in our home.

February is the month we brought Ryleigh into the world. She was such a tiny, sweet baby. We knew she would be a fireball as soon as she came. Little miss independent and she has lived up to the name.

Last but not least February was the month we were told we would loose another baby. Christian! I was in the ER at 5 weeks pregnant sure that I was miscarrying our current pregnancy. I was not ready to loose another one and it just so happened that it was the same day I lost our first baby, so many emotions were flooding my mind. We went in for the ultrasound in the ER and saw a very faint heartbeat and sheer joy, love and panic hit me. I knew this was another one of my children and I was not ready to give up the fight. The ER doctor told me to go home and that over the next few days I would miscarry. I was not okay with this answer...I saw a heartbeat! So I called my wonderful doctor (and friend, I love you Lori!) and she put me on immediate bed rest and with the help of so many (thank you to all of you, you will never know how thankful I am for your being in our life.) we now have our son. He is a miracle and I can’t not be grateful for February. So, I have so many wonderful reasons to post and so many blessings that have forever changed our life because of this month. To all my loves, my heart has been strengthened because of your life in mine and my capacity to love has grown because of you. All my love, Traci!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Three Years Old

Wow, has time gone by so quickly that Ryleigh is already three? I remember being shocked at my being pregnant with her. We found out on fathers day. The pregnancy was so fast and all of a sudden I was going in to have a baby. It was quite the day with the hospital sending me home twice. They finally believed me after I came trying to walk in between contracts with a baby dialated to an 8. Fifteen minutes later a tiny little 5lb 14 oz Ryleigh came into our life. She was named after Stewarts mission and best friend (Raleigh, NC = Ryleigh) (Mack's middle name is Andelin = Andelyn) Sorry Mack you know I had to change the I to a Y! She was such a funny baby. She came out with a personality everyone knows and loves. She is growing into such a fun person and I cant wait to see what the many years ahead of her bring! Momom and Daddy love you so much sweet baby and we hope you have the best year yet!

Ryleigh's 3rd Birthday

Our Little Kicker

I could have sworn we had a little football kicker on our hands when Christian was still inside of my pregnant body. Who knew he was so serious about his football career already!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Where have you been?

Well, so many people have been wondering where I have gone to. I am finally back and trying to catch up. So much has happened this past week and I just dont have enough time to sit down and write everything I would like to right now. So, for a brief commentary, Mike & Felisa (Stew's sister ) went to Hawaii this past week and we got to watch the kids. They helped out so much when I was on bedrest with Christian that I wanted to help out some way. So, this was my chance. The kids were great and it truly was a getaway for me. Away from my reality away from my typical day. It was great! Thanks so much for some great memories and for your trust in us to watch over your kids! We hope that you too made some amazing memories!

The Brady Bunch?

I thought it would be fun to put all the kids faces together in the classic brady bunch pose. We had so many people ask if these were all our children. I wish! you know the help I had this past week with the little ones. The girls were so helpful and the boys, well they entertained the two little girls as if we were at a circus 24/7. Stewart would tell everyone who asked us if they were all ours, that we would proudly claim them if they were. It is so funny to see how both our Smith & Hancock genes have been dispursed throughout these little ones. The question that we are all still facing is: are we all Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews or Cousins. Does it really matter? We're just family. What amazing examples my babies have to follow.

When the Cats away the Mice will play!

Well these little mice had a great time. This was one of many situations I found the four of them in. Thank goodness Cord & Collin were loving cousins and allowed Ashlyn and Ryleigh to follow them around all week.

Of course I couldnt resist getting in on some action myself. If you know me and there is a room to paint or re-do I will be the first to get my hands dirty. We decided to paint Kasey & Kylie's room befor Mike & Felisa got back. It was great bonding time. I'm sure the girls know way too much about their Aunt now! Love ya girlies! Are you wondering where Kylie and Christian are? Well, Christian was totally mooching off the free rides Kylie was so willing to give! He wasnt a puppy (wink, wink...Miss Kylie)but I think she took to him alright!