Friday, June 20, 2008


Christian Boy has been having lots of firsts lately! We went over to the fantastic Power Ranch pool with Jenny, Hailey and Paxton this week so the kids could cool off and enjoy a little swim time and of course I was able to have some much needed Sun and good conversation! This was Christian's first time in a pool and it was so much fun to see him splash around. We all had a great time. Another First! Christian's first hair cut. I have been trying to find my way around the inevitable and not cut my "baby's" hair. I finally gave in and took the scissors to his head. Who knew he was a blond? here are the before and after!


Fathers Day

This year for fathers day was so much fun, we went to a friends house and made tie cookies for our daddy's the girls had so much fun making and eating the cookies. We are still working on the humongous cookies, not that the girls mind! Happy belated Fathers Day to the best Daddy 3 kids could have!

Swimming Lessons 2008

This is the time of year the girls love, even though it is hot outside they always know they will be getting to go swimming everyday! They love Swimming lesson and love the teacher. Shannon is awesome and is so good for my girls! Whenever they get frightened even a bit she reassures them and somehow manages to get them to do whatever it was she wanted to teach them. of course by the end they are both like fish. Ashlyn is now able to swim front and back and float and as for miss Ryleigh she floats and does whatever trick she thinks is cool at the time! Love these girls and I am so happy they were able to finish their swimming lessons with flying colors!

If you are wondering what I did with Christian while the girls were swimming, well he was their too of course, so good rocking himself in his car seat! I love his little built in baby sitter! (video will follow soon!)

Last Day of Swim Lessons

This little video is of the girls going down the fun slide at "Aunt Shannon's" house. Shannon their swimming teacher has a great pool and Grotto and every thursday they got to slide down, by the end Ashlyn was able to swim all the way across the deep end by herself!

Bath Time Funnies

Here is yet again another bath time funny that our girls pull. They are such a crack up in the bath, they love bubbles and pretending they are anything from Mermaids to Santa. What will they come up with next,only next year will tell!

06/11/08 pulling himself up

This 1st year of Christian's life is going so much quicker than I would like he has already done so many things faster than his sisters...unfortunately. I still feel like he is a little guy and don't want him to be walking yet, his plans are different! He has pulled himself up now and who knows when the walking will come in. We'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Playing Catch-Up!

Ok so I have slowly been putting my blogging further and further behind. Hopefully I will be able to pick it back up again. So here is just synopsis of what has been going on.

Ashlyn Graduated from her last year in preschool and is now preparing guessed it Kindergarten. We are just waiting to find out what school she will be in and down here, it is year round all day Kindergarten, so this mama is so scared. Its my first and I am very nervous to be letting her go especially for such a long time period....whew...deep breaths.

Ryleigh is well, Ryleigh she is also excited to be starting her first year of Preschool and I am really looking forward to the teacher she will have. I think she will be a great impact on little miss independent and I know Ryleigh already loves her.

Christian is moving faster than I could imagine. He speed crawls like a little bulldog all over the house and has now figured out how to open up and get into everything. Yay Me!

Stewart finished spring semester and soon will be submerged into summer semester and he is looking very forward to December when he will be able to graduate. He has learned so much this past year and has been a tremendous help to me and our family over the past months because of the things he has learned in his classes.

I am just keeping track of kids and swimming lessons and upcoming events that have our family constantly busy. But, for the first time in our marriage I decided to have some time to myself to sit down and read. I know you are all probably shocked out of your mind, but I have a girlfriend who told me about these books and I LOVE them! I really didn't want to start reading them, but I'm glad I did. I'm hooked! Thanks alot Shanon. Poor Stewart!

That's whats been going on as of lately...stay tuned for more!