Sunday, March 30, 2008


Easter was so much fun this year. It was the first easter that the girls were able to share and get excited about together. They dyed easter eggs and decorated them, how lucky can two girls get, we found Disney Princess easter egg dyes. Of course the Easter bunny came and it was an exciting morning to hunt for and find all the eggs!

Spring Break

Stewart and Ashlyn both had spring break at the same time so we decided to go up to Snowflake to breath in some cool Northern Arizona Air and just get away from the same old same old thing here in the valley.

The girls were excited to visit the Grandparents and of course play with cousins. While we were on our vacation we were able to see two things that we typically don't.

We visited with Great Grandpa and Grandma Crosser and we saw snow!! I had been feeling bad that my girls have never really gotten to see or feel snow, so it was exciting to be able to have both happen this year.

Just as we pulled up to my Grandparents house, large snowflakes started to fall. I remember around Christmas time Ashlyn telling me that she wanted to catch a snowflake in her mouth and eat it. At the time I thought, poor thing you will never get that chance, but these snowflake were huge, you could actually see the shape of the snowflake. I had to catch my breath when I saw my little girl get out of the car and squeal as she ate her very first snowflake. We enjoyed see everyone and being able to relax. Thank goodness for school breaks!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shara's Baby Shower

Shara's Baby Shower

I hope Shara doesn't mind my posting her baby shower but I know so many that were unable to come would like to see how she is doing. I asked Shara if she would let me throw her shower and I was so excited when she said yes. We held it at the house we just built...I gotta use it for something right! Anyhow, it was a huge success and she had a great turnout. She received so many good and practical things. I remember how nervous I was with our first and I hope she feels a little more prepared to bring her little girl into the world. Love you Shara & Todd! I cant wait to meet her!

Great Grandma & Grandpa Wheeler

Great Grandma & Grandpa Wheeler came to the valley this past week and our children were able to meet them for the first time. We have always missed the various events that would have brought us all together, so needless to say it was a great time getting to be with them. Of course Grandpa checked in to see how his Grandson was treating our little family and seeing if he was still up to no good...haha! Of course he also checked in to make sure our little guy would be playing some football in his lifetime...if he has anything to do with it he will be a pro at age 4. It was so nice being able to see them again and visit with them about our lives.

Miss Mischievous

This little girl is always up to something. She is in to everything! A couple of days ago she "Decorated the BBQ with any bright colored toy she could find. The thing that was so hilarious is how it was displayed. Everything had a place! It was stacked and organized beautifully. Can you say OCD. Hmmm...wonder where she gets it from. At least it was an aesthetically pleasing mess.

Then last night Ashlyn runs in to get us and says come see what "she's" done. Oh who knows what that means. So Stewart went to check to see what was going on and called to me saying: honey get the camera, so I rush in to find this. She was curled up in a blanket on the shelf. What a little turkey!